In the Matter of the Application of Southern Union       )

Company d/b/a Missouri Gas Energy, for Approval     )      File No.  GO-2013-0391

to Change its Infrastructure System Replacement       )      Tariff No. JG-2013-0355

Surcharge                                                                 )




Issue Date:  February 13, 2013                                  Effective Date:  February 13, 2013

On February 8, 2013, Southern Union Company d/b/a Missouri Gas Energy (“MGE”)  filed an application and petition with the Missouri Public Service Commission pursuant to Sections 393.1009, 393.1012, and 393.1015, RSMo Cum. Supp. 2011, and Commission Rules 4 CSR 240-2.060, 2.080 and 3.265, requesting that the Commission authorize it to change its Infrastructure System Replacement Surcharge (“ISRS”).  Section 393.1015.2(3) requires that the Commission act on MGE’s application no later than 120 days after the petition was filed; therefore, the Commission must issue an order regarding the application effective no later than June 8, 2013.[1] 

Section 393.1015.1(2) requires that the Commission publish notice of MGE’s filing.  Therefore, the Commission will give notice of this application to the general public and interested persons and set a date for intervention.  The Commission’s Data Center shall mail a copy of this notice to the county commission, or equivalent governmental body, of all of the counties within MGE’s service area.   The Data Center shall also mail a copy of this notice to the parties in MGE’s most recent rate case, File No. GR‑2009‑0355.[2]  In addition, the Commission’s Public Information Office shall make notice of this order available to the media serving MGE’s service area and to the members of the General Assembly representing MGE’s service area. [3]

Pursuant to Commission Rule 4 CSR 240‑3.265(8) and (9), MGE must file sample customer notices for the Commission’s approval.   The Office of the Public Counsel may file a response to those notices within ten days of their filing. 

Section 393.1015.2(2) allows the Commission’s Staff to examine MGE’s application to change its ISRS and allows Staff to submit a report of its examination no later than sixty days after the petition is filed.  Consequently, the Commission will establish a deadline for  its Staff to file a recommendation regarding MGE’s application.


1.     The Commission’s Data Center shall serve notice as set out in the body of this order.

2.     The Commission’s Information Officer shall serve notice as set out in the body of this order.

3.     Any entity wishing to intervene in this matter shall file an application to do so no later than February 22, 2013.  Such applications shall be filed with:

Secretary, Missouri Public Service Commission

P.O. Box 360

Jefferson City, Missouri   65102


or by using the Commission’s Electronic Filing and Information System.


4.     No later than February 28, 2013, Southern Union Company d/b/a Missouri Gas Energy shall file sample customer notices as required by Commission Rule 4 CSR 240‑3.265.

5.     No later than ten days after Southern Union Company d/b/a Missouri Gas Energy files the sample customer notices, as directed in ordered paragraph number 4, the Office of the Public Counsel may file a response to those notices.

6.     No later than April 9, 2013, the Staff of the Missouri Public Service Commission shall file its recommendation in this matter.

7.     This order shall become effective immediately upon issuance.







Shelley Brueggemann

Acting Secretary


( S E A L )


Harold Stearley, Deputy Chief Regulatory

Law Judge, by delegation of authority pursuant

to Section 386.240, RSMo 2000.


Dated at Jefferson City, Missouri,

on this 13th day of February, 2013.

[1] Pursuant to Section 393.1015(3) the Commission may hold a hearing prior to reaching its decision.

[2] MGE’s most recent ISRS case was File No. GO-2013-0015. 

[3] MGE’s application indicates that it provides natural gas service to approximately 500,000 customers in the Missouri counties of Andrew, Barry, Barton, Bates, Buchanan, Carroll, Cass, Cedar, Christian, Clay, Clinton, Dade, Dekalb, Greene, Henry, Howard, Jackson, Jasper, Johnson, Lafayette, Lawrence, McDonald, Moniteau, Pettis, Platte, Ray, Saline, Stone, and Vernon,