At a session of the Public Service Commission held at its office in Jefferson City on the 13th day of February, 2013.



In the Matter of KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations     )

Company for Authority to Implement Rate                     )

Adjustments Required by 4 CSR 240-2.090(4)               )      File No. ER-2013-0341

And the Company’s Approved Fuel and Purchased        )      Tariff No. JE-2013-0276

Power Cost Recovery Mechanism                                )





Issue Date:  February 13, 2013                                 Effective Date:  March 1, 2013



On December 19, 2012, KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company (KCP&L-GMO) filed a tariff to adjust the company’s rates pursuant to its Fuel Adjustment Clause (FAC).  In accordance with KCP&L-GMO’s FAC, the proposed rate schedules are designed to recover from customers 95 percent of the company’s net cost increases or decreases.  KCP&L-GMO’s requested adjustment would decrease a typical MPS residential customer’s bill by approximately $0.52 per month and would decrease a typical L&P residential customer’s bill by approximately $2.60 per month.   

The Commission’s Staff filed a recommendation regarding KCP&L-GMO’s tariff on January 18, 2013.  Staff verified that KCP&L-GMO’s actual fuel and purchased power costs match the fuel and purchased power costs included in the company’s calculated rates set in the submitted tariffs.  Staff advises the Commission to approve the tariff submitted by KCP&L-GMO to become effective on its March 1, 2013 effective date.

Staff also points out that in the Commission’s January 3, 2013 Order Granting Variance in this case, the Commission apparently intended that GMO may treat its St. Joseph Landfill Gas Facility costs through its FAC until its next general rate case.  Staff asks the Commission to clarify the Commission’s intent of the January 3, 2013 order.

More than ten days have passed since Staff filed its recommendation, and no party has filed a response to that recommendation.[1] 

Based on the Direct Testimony of Linda J. Nunn, submitted by KCP&L-GMO along with its tariff, as well as the uncontested recommendation of Staff, the Commission will approve KCP&L-GMO’s proposed rate schedule.


1.               The rate schedule submitted by KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company as Tariff No. JE-2013-0276, is approved as an interim rate adjustment, subject to true-up and prudence reviews, to become effective on March 1, 2013.  The tariff sheet approved is:

                                          P.S.C. MO No. 1                                          

3rd Revised Sheet No. 127.10, Canceling 2nd Revised Sheet No. 127.10


2.               The Commission clarifies that its January 3, 2013 order in this case authorizes KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company to treat its St. Joseph Landfill Gas Facility costs through its Fuel Adjustment Clause until its next general rate case.

3.               This order shall become effective on March 1, 2013.

4.               This file shall be closed on March 2, 2013.







Shelley Brueggemann

Acting Secretary


( S E A L )


Gunn, Chm., Jarrett, R. Kenney,

Stoll, and W. Kenney, CC., concur.


Pridgin, Senior Regulatory Law Judge

[1] Commission Rule 4 CSR 240-2.080(15) allows parties not more than ten days from the date of filing to respond to any pleading unless otherwise ordered by the Commission.